Shore Excursions

Top Shore Excursions for Cruises in Egypt in 2023/2024

Embark on a captivating journey with our Egypt Shore Excursions, where history comes alive and tales of ancient civilizations unfold before your very eyes. We specialize in providing unforgettable shore excursions that allow cruise passengers to make the most of their limited time on land, unlocking the treasures of Egypt in a seamless and enriching experience.

From US$190


Dandara and Abydos Temples from Safaga Port

Tour to Dandara and Abydos temples from Safaga Port will shed light on the rarest oldest…

From US$340


2 Days Tour from Safaga to Luxor

Two Days Tour From Safaga to Luxor will offer a golden road to the biggest open-air museum…

From US$220


Day Tour from Safaga to Luxor

Day Tour to Luxor from Safaga Port will be a miraculous journey that offers a golden path…

From US$180


Overnight Tour to Cairo From Sokhna Port

Two Days Trip to Cairo from Sokhna Port will be the adventure of a lifetime to cast your eyes…

From US$140


Trip to Pyramids and Cairo from Sokhna Port

Cairo Tour from Sokhna port is a voyage of dreams across the everlasting allure and grandeur…

From US$140


Pyramids Tour form Sokhna Port

Pyramids tour from Sokhna Port is a gateway to a blessed land filled with mythical…

From US$170


Tour to Cairo and Giza Pyramids from Port Said

airo Day Trip from Port Said is a gift from the Heavens form to enjoy the everlasting wonders of…

From US$170


Pyramids Tour from Port Said

Pyramids Tour from Port Said will be an enriching and memorable trip across all the eternal and…

From US$160


Giza Pyramids, Step Pyramid from Alexandria Port

Pyramids tour from Alexandria Port will be the magical key to witnessing a number of historical…

From US$80


Day Trip to Alexandria Sights from Alexandria port

Day Trip to Alexandria from Alexandria Port will offer a magical chance to explore the rare…

From US$180


Saqqara, Memphis, Dahshurel from Alexandria Port

Pyramids tour from Alexandria Port will shine a bright light on the heavenly rare wonders…

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