Restaurant Malkata House

Restaurant Malkata House

Near the Temple of Medinat Habu IN Luxor Malkata House, Luxor 85111 Egypt

About The Restaurent

Book a culinary experience with breathtaking views. Chef Hassan prepares a delicious and extensive meal, the most fantastic dishes with refined flavors while overlooking the desert or enjoying the atmosphere in the Arabesque lounge.

Let us surprise you
Let the chef surprise you based on your choice (meat / fish / vegetarian / vegan) with an extensive meal consisting of various dishes prepared with the most delicious fresh ingredients.

Free pick-up and return service
We will pick you up from – and return you to – your address in Luxor, completely free of charge

Enjoy an exceptional location
Malkata house, a beautiful Arabesque style domed villa on the edge of the desert, has exceptionally beautiful views over the desert and the mountain that is illuminated at night.



Near the Temple of Medinat Habu IN Luxor Malkata House, Luxor 85111 Egypt


Kristy O


“Malkata House truly exceeded my expectations! The food was a culinary masterpiece, and every dish was bursting with flavor. The staff made us feel like royalty with their impeccable service. The ambiance was so elegant, making it the perfect setting for a special celebration. We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to return!”

Lisa M.

“I had the pleasure of dining at Malkata House, and it was an unforgettable experience. The delicious dishes left me craving for more. The warm hospitality and personalized attention from the staff made me feel right at home. The beautiful decor and soothing atmosphere made the evening even more enjoyable. Malkata House is definitely a hidden gem worth visiting!”

Sarah M.


“Malkata House is my new favorite restaurant in town! The food was absolutely divine, and the presentation was on point. The staff was attentive and made sure we had everything we needed. The cozy yet sophisticated ambiance made for a perfect date night. I highly recommend Malkata House to anyone looking for an exceptional dining experience.”

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